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OMG! Avent Children!!!!1

My Sword Is Bigger Than Yours, Bitch

OMG Avent Children RPG
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Welcome to omg_ac, a roleplay game based off Square Enix's Advent Children.

Premise; Hojo is alive, and due to one of his experiments there are clones appearing everywhere! There are two Cloud Strifes, two Tifas, everyone seems to have acquired a double. Not only that, the clones have a mindset all their own, most are the polar opposite of the originals.

Also, this is an AU RP , Aeris and Zack have returned to lend everyone a helping hand, and Kadaj, Loz, Yazoo, and Sephiroth are back to torment the world once again.

Here's how it works: for each character, there is an In Character (IC) and Out of Character (OOC) version of that person. The OOC characters have already established an identity for themselves in the world, and are just beginning to notice the presence of the IC characters, and vice versa. "And so the question, "if you have sex with your clone, does that make it masturbation?" comes into play."

Still Interested?

1. Read the rules.
2. Hit up the application post.
3. Take a glance at the character and roleplayer information.

Taken and Available Characters;

In Character

Cloud Strife mynameiscloud , played by advocate
Zack mercenary_angel, played by cloud_sama
Sephiroth sephy_stalks , played by wonton
Kadaj burnishedsilver, played by whisperinghope
Yazoo velvet_bondage, played by cloud_sama
Aeris Gainsborough x_great_gospel, played by fl0rida
Barret Wallace
Cid Highwind super_cid, played by tipo
Yuffie Kisaragi materia_listic, played by nikkibyun
Vincent Valentine morbid_gunman, played by comrade_phyre
Marlene Wallace _timidity, played by funerals
Denzel _denzel_, played by allira_dream
Red XIII seraph_comb, played by bloophoenix
Cait Sith
Rufus Shinra _shinra_prince, played by sadist_love
Tseng chakra_assassin, played by rin_sama
Reno redhaired_turk, played by ellyberry
Rude shaded_fighter, played by forgotten_turk
Elena _blonde_turk , played by forgotten_turk
Mana aka girl with the plush!Moogle moogletoy , played by whisperinghope
Hojo profhojo_ played by, darkrane

Out of Character

Cloud Strife oncloud9_, played by jetaimerai
Zack zax_remix, played by dominiku
Sephiroth fabulous_sephy, played by rin_sama
Kadaj _flowerboy, played by sadist_love
Yazoo rockonyazoo, played by darkrane
Loz godsdualhound, played by lightbulby
Tifa Lockheart
Aeris Gainsborough cetras_vengence, played by mimi_sardinia
Barret Wallace
Cid Highwind ontheflip_cid, played by bleedingcherub
Yuffie Kisaragi gothshuriken, played by kitsune_aoi
Vincent Valentine vinnylove_ , played by _taintedhalo
Marlene Wallace little_sadist, played by darkrane
Cait Sith
Rufus Shinra
Reno thesexyrichman, played by kyoureshi
Rude disco_rude, played by jetaimerai
Reeve cat_of_hell, played by matchstick
Jenova mother_jenny, played by mimi_sardinia
Hojo papa_hojo , played by allira_dream


You can reach your loving mods at the email address listed above, or on aol instant messenger.

Chris (sadist_love), aol: wolfram is god
Rali (keepingnine), aol: tellmenostories