Raleigh (keepingnine) wrote in omg_ac,

Rules & Regulations

1.) If we accepted a character application for you; stay in that character. Don't just randomly decide that IC!Kadaj is all for peace and love.

2.) Stay active. We'd like to see a post from everyone at least once every two weeks. The first time you'll get a warning, and if you don't post within a few days of the warning, you'll get cut. On the third time you miss your two-week post, you'll get an email saying you've been cut. That said; if you're going to be away for any amount of time, make an out of character post telling us.

3.) A single player may only have two characters at a time. However, both characters can not be the 'same' character. You can not have IC!Cloud and OOC!Cloud. That's just not fair.

4.) This community does allow for members to post R and NC-17 material. Love of every variety, including gay and lesbian, is welcomed. R rated material should be behind an lj-cut or labeled.

5.) Characters will each own a "lj journal" which they will update. In the title of each journal entry, you should label it as a private journal entry or a public journal entry. Journal entries of that variety will be first person point of view. Also, paragraph style role-play can be posted on the journals. These will be labeled as RP logs and in third person point of view.

6.) Knowledge of the game may be required, but only the basics. This is an Advent Children role-play; everything you need to know will come from that. There are a few exceptions, obviously. Aeris being the best example. Cloud's full background, as another.
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